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Truckin’ Through Nebraska

A Mobile Children’s Museum

Truckin’ Through Nebraska is a fun, hands-on children’s museum experience created for the kids of Nebraska in honor of the 150th anniversary of statehood in 2017. It will provide a unique, entertaining and unforgettable learning experience to thousands of children living in areas of the state without their own children’s museum.

During their visit, kids and families will learn about the state’s history and discover some of the diverse stories that make Nebraska great. Through play, interactivity and the latest technology, children will explore their heritage and envision their futures and career possibilities in the state.

This state-of-the-art mobile museum will tour from April through the fall of 2017, visiting 42 Nebraska communities. While the mobile museum is intended to delight children ages 5-12, audiences of all ages will be captivated by the exhibits.

Each destination will become an event space for learning and fun, with both indoor and outdoor activities. Communities can take advantage of this opportunity and customize the surrounding area into their own celebration space with vendors, booths and instructional demonstrations.

Truckin’ Through Nebraska will instill a sense of pride and wonder in Nebraska children and inspire them to make their own place in the future of the state.

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Interior Exhibits

My Nebraska (Kiosks)
• Make your own movie about Nebraska, using historical video footage by adding your own audio track for fun.
• Create an electronic collage with photographs and descriptive words and phrases.
• What do you like to do for fun? Learn what future jobs in Nebraska are a great match for you using a touch screen exploration game.

Builder Battle
Build a shelter using three different types of materials before testing them in the wind chamber or earthquake simulator. Will yours withstand Mother Nature?

Homestead Hero
Create your own ten-acre homestead, placing buildings, rivers, pastures, corn, potatoes and other crops in the space and complete the survival puzzle. Compare yours from the past to modern Nebraska farms that use amazing, cutting-edge methods.

Nebraska Panorama
See the Nebraska sites without having to take a bus, train or plane. View Nebraska’s most beautiful and famous places and some favorites that you might not know about yet.

Test what you know about Nebraska in this fun, fast-paced touch-table game. Do you know more than the person next to you? Let’s see.

Whirligigs and Spinners
Check out the toys your grandparents and their grandparents played with. Play with whirligigs, ball-in-a-cup and test out the various spinning tops from the past and present.

Nebraska Fun Facts
Find out surprising facts about Nebraska sports, innovations, geography and famous people. What will you discover?

Postcard Discovery
Explore a new side of Nebraska history by viewing Nebraska postcards, old and new. Then create your own to send to a family member or friend.

Create Your Own Poem
Using Ted Kooser’s poem “So this is Nebraska” as inspiration, use the magnetic board and words to create beautiful poetry of your very own! Then, can you get in touch with the 360 guy to change the text there?

Exterior Exhibits

Chore Challenge
Compete with your family or other kids to complete the set of chores as fast as you can. Can you push the wheel barrel, churn the butter and tame the stubborn cow in time?

I Spy Nebraska
Hunt for 10 illustrations hidden among the dozens that show what makes Nebraska great.

Construction Junction
Use large foam blocks to invent a gadget, vehicle or robot that will make life easier for Nebraskans of the future.

Creation Station
Design and create a toy such as a button buzzer or yarn doll to take home.

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