Nebraska’s Educational Service Units (ESUs) have graciously agreed to assist with distribution of the workbooks to public and private schools throughout that state. The materials will be delivered to ESUs statewide in July 2017. Additional information will be provided to educators about how to retrieve their books from their local ESU in the coming months.

Nebraska Atlas Project

Fourth graders in Nebraska spend the year learning about the state, our history and our people. Having informative and appealing materials to work with will help teachers make their lessons come alive. The Nebraska Atlas is exactly that – colorful, graphic and well researched.

Photo from Nebraska Atlas Project that Shows the Ogallala Aquifer
Cover Image for Nebraska Atlas Project by Dr Randy Bertolas of Wayne State College

Every fourth grader will receive this 52-page book created by Wayne State College Professor Dr. Randy Bertolas. Teachers will also access accompanying curriculum to utilize in their classrooms.


Physical Geography
Human Geography
Ethnic Communities and Migrations
Native American Tribes
Know Your State
People and Government
and more

Image from Nebraska Atlas Project that shows tornadoes in Nebraska from 1950-2013
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