The University of Nebraska High School has created a non-credit, online educational module that prepares learners to complete the United States Citizenship Examination. To honor Nebraska’s 150th birthday, the module will be made available on the Nebraska Sesquicentennial, March 1, 2017. For the year of 2017 we would like to feature this as a gift to Nebraskans and respectfully request to be granted use of the official Nebraska 150 Celebration logo to use for promotional purposes on our school website and FB page. Thank you. No funding is requested.

The module will be offered free for the 2017 with a fee of $50 to be assessed beginning in 2018. While the course is offered through the University of Nebraska High School, it is available for all Nebraskans who may be interested.

The resources provided in this course will help learners prepare for the citizenship examination by covering such topics as:

• History of Immigration
• Reasons for Immigration
• Citizenship
• Classification of Citizens and Noncitizens
• Becoming a United States Citizen
• Duties, Responsibilities, Rights, and Liberties
• The American Ideal
• A Growing Nation
• The American Government
• State Government
• Citizenship Examination
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