The Merry Wives of Windsor will be set on a homestead, where a fun game of trickery ensues between the leading characters. This script lends itself well to the nature of our state at the time, as several characters are represented from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. We will also add a live music component to the production, picking up on the sounds of early American, to submerge our audiences into the experience.
The Weir and corresponding ghost story project is built to engage our audiences in exploring the local stories that they have told and been told, as well as to focus on how language and storytelling serves as a link between the past and present. By examining lore from 150 years ago in contrast with that which is contemporary, we will be able utilize the arts to stimulate thought and conversation about who we were 150 years ago, and who will strive to become. We also hope to create an archive of the devised local piece to share with local libraries and museums.
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