An invitation from the Hamilton County Historical Society and the Plainsman Museum to county residents to participate in this countywide project to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Nebraska by taking historic local images and reproducing them as murals to be displayed on or in buildings or other choice locations. The Renaissance Fine Art and Photography Studio is providing the digital enhancement of the images and Troy Hofmann of After Hours Graphix will print the image onto a lightweight durable material. The Plainsman Museum will establish a registry of locations for all the murals which will be made available for a driving tour of the county and will become a permanent part of the archives. A social media blitz will also take place by which photos of the murals will be Tweeted out on March 1st as well as placed on the Plainsman Museum’s website and facebook page to help celebrate the big day. This sharing will continue throughout the year as more and more murals are purchased and put on exhibit in order to continue the celebration of the State and the County’s milestone in history.

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