“Nebraska: Good Life, Great Beards” will be a Facebook-based event encouraging everyone in the State of Nebraska to participate in beard-related events. Traditionally, Beard Contests have played a prominent and fun role in honoring historical events. (E.g., “Great Beards in American History,” “Historical Figure Facial Hair Look-Alikes,” etc.) This Facebook-event modernizes this grand tradition. We would like individuals, communities, churches, or organizations of any type from Nebraska to announce their events that feature beards and mustaches on the page and then post pictures following the event. (Beards are not required to be real –thereby including everyone– but real beards are encouraged.) In particular, photos of bearded/mustached people at great Nebraska locations and monuments would be featured. Ultimately, there will be a date set towards the end of 2017 (probably October or November) where we would encourage participants to gather in Lincoln at the Capital for a group picture. This Facebook page will be family-friendly (obviously, no nudity, profanity or derogatory language). All potential Facebook postings will be screened by the Group Admins to ensure good clean fun!

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