Researchers with the Polk County Historical society have created an atlas with all the original land transfers of the land that was eligible to be Homesteaded. We’ve compiled a chronological list of everyone who made final proof on their parcel of land. We also documented 8 methods that were used to acquire land on eligible sections. From the original Homestead records, a brief biography has been written on each of the women who homesteaded and the Civil War veterans who homesteaded. We also were able to find several people who had their homesteads relinquished due to lying on their homestead documents. Volunteers have hundreds of hours wrapped up in this project and I believe it’s the single greatest historical research project in our counties history. On May 28th, we plan to have an unveiling open house. We plan on having a Nebraska Humanities speaker, our museum will be open and we’re going to have a contest to see who has the most ancestors who homesteaded in Polk County.

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