My name is Randy Sparks, and I’m a songwriter. I haven’t always been a songwriter. I didn’t become a songwriter until I was fourteen, and that was sixty-nine years ago. Now, you know, I’ve been busy all this time covering just about every conceivable topic, and that’s a lot of songs about a lot of people and places and things, and one might think that I’d be running out of steam about now, but I’m not. My productivity has actually increased, and I’m not at all bothered by the notion that my old-fashioned approach to music is no longer in demand. I write for all those people who still love folksy music, and that includes me. My world-famous group, The New Christy Minstrels, and I recently performed in concert in Brownville, Nebraska, and I found that place so interesting that I decided to have a look around the rest of the state. I don’t believe anyone has ever made a serious attempt to tell the Nebraska story in song, that is until now, and I take a reasonable amount of pride in sharing with you what I learned in my travels. This is A Songwriter’s Tour of Nebraska…

Script is available upon request.

This presentation has been written with TV in mind, PBS or The History Channel, perhaps, but it’s also a stand-alone concert event.
Our need for additional money has only to do with hiring better arrangers/orchestrators to improve upon what we do in house.
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