In 1956, Mari Sandoz joined a diverse group of people who placed predictions in a time capsule. Sandoz, Walt Disney, J. Edgar Hoover, J.C. Penney, General Carlos P. Romula (Philippine Ambassador to the United States), Miss Carol L. Morris (Miss Universe 1956), Mayor John Rosenblatt, Harry B. Coffee (President, Union Stock Yards Co. of Omaha), Governor Victor E. Anderson, and more than 40 other noteworthy individuals submitted 50-year “prophecies of achievement” that were deposited in the cornerstone of KETV and opened in 2006. In honor of the sesquicentennial, a time capsule was placed near the Sandoz statue at Chadron State College during the Mari Sandoz Heritage Society Fall Conference. This time capsule also holds 50-year predictions made by a number of people. It is to be unearthed and read in 2067.


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